ITWFoils-SCF Series

CATEGORY : Matt pigment

DESCRIPTION : Matt pigment on 12 micron polyester carrier.

CHARACTERISTICS : An extremely versatile date-coding and pricing foil demonstrating quite exceptional adhesive properties, especially on many of today’s less print receptive substrates. This high speed, non-toxic series produces well defined codes and offers one of the highest levels of durability and rub resistance available throughout difficult chill or deep freeze conditions.

SUBSTRATES : Virtually all packaging films, including laminates, coated and uncoated papers and boards

PRINTING TEMPERATURE : 110ºC – 160ºC (230ºF – 320ºF).

COLOUR AVAILABILITY : SCF-10 – White, SCF-90 – Black

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION : An increase in roll diameter may be observed when compared to other, less versatile,
qualities of foil. If in any doubt, please refer to ITW Foils sales staff.