Toshiba B-SX4 & SX5

High End High Quality Industrial Printers

The new TOSHIBA TEC B SX4 & B SX5 thermal transfer / direct thermal printers extend the tradition of technical innovation of the TOSHIBA TEC high class industrial printers. TEC provides superior performance and reliability in a variety of industries including manufacturing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, electronics & telecoms.

Maintaining the high speed printing of its predecessors, throughput is enhanced by a fast 32 bit RISC CPU (SH 3 88 MHz), 8/16 MB DRAM image buffer, and 4 MB Flash Memory for programs and large data file storage. Their improved ease of use as well as a very low total cost of ownership make them the ideal choice as flexible, industrial printers.

Ease of use
Access to printhead, platen, paper path and sensors is improved by the development of a new wide opening mechanism. A CD ROM is provided with the printer that includes the Owners manual in several languages, technical manuals (Programming, Supply, etc.), BarTender TEC UltraLite label printing software (for OF model) and Windows drivers which all make the user’s life easier

High print quality
TOSHIBA’s very own printheads 203dpi on the B SX4 and 306dpi on the B SX5 make these machines unique in the market. Innovations provided by the use of these printheads include high precision heat history control in 7 stages, a new hyperheater mechanism and improved alpha protection layer. The superb clarity of these printheads is further enhanced by the new linear torque control of the TOSHIBA TEC double ribbon motor system. The new on the fly ribbon saving function allows ribbons to be saved without a detrimental effect on throughput (an option on the B SX4).

A field proven heavy duty steel cabinet and a incredible reliability of the B SX4 and B SX5. Several technological advances mean more performance and functionalities at a competitive price.

Easy connectivity
The B SX4/SX5 printers have an array of interface options:   Standard Optional1 external RS232C port1 ECP Parallel port (Centronics)Expansion I/0USB v1.1 portBuilt in LAN board 10/100 Base2 slots PCMCIA interface board

The FTP server enables files to be transferred to the printer via the Internet using File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

B-SX printers have in built Internet servers allowing you to remotely update printer firmware, view printer status and maintenance counters, edit parameter settings and of course print labels by sending files or filling in Internet based forms.
XML documents can be received by the printer and automatically linked to the correct label formats.

Customers’ benefits
The B-SX4/SX5 are packed with advantageous features for the user, including:

  • high speed printing leading to increased efficiency and productivity
  • time saving and minimal training due to fast and easy handling
  • reduced downtime and increased productivity as a result of high reliability
  • minimal repair and recovery costs, and maximized ROI during total life  cycle
  • perfect readability of labels & barcodes due to built in high quality print   technology
  • supplied with Bartender TEC UltraLite labeling software (for QP model)