ITWFoils-GPX Series

Matt pigment on 12 micron polyester carrier.CHARACTERISTICS : Designed to withstand all the complexities of foiling today, GPX exhibits excellentresistance to condensation, boiling, freezing, water, grease, cooking oils and scratch. The foil will perform well on all modern packaging films both in the food andpharmaceutical markets and gives great detail and coverage on label stocks.The foil has been designed to ensure that there is no dust left around the print head andhas been produced from materials that meet all current European toxicity legislation.This is the best all – round pigment foil we have produced to date.


Packaging films such as OPP, PE, PET both clear, printed and metallised, nylon,cellulose and cellophane. Coated and uncoated and synthetic papers. Actual andsynthetic leathers. It also performs well on many rigid plastics.

Printing Temperature: 75ºC – 150ºC (165ºF – 300ºF)